Estate Planning

At Goldman & Schapiro, we recognize that every client's situation is unique, and we therefore do not engage in "one size fits all" estate-planning.  We invest the time necessary to get to know our clients, including the nature of their assets, their family dynamics, and their desires and objectives.  We carefully tailor every estate plan to accomplish our client's goals while minimizing potential tax consequences.  Whether a client has a taxable estate, a small business or a disabled beneficiary with special needs, an estate plan is designed specifically to meet your needs.

Estate-planning is the process of planning for the efficient disposal of a decedent’s assets after one’s death.  It involves eliminating uncertainties relating to the administration of an individual’s estate and maximizing the assets which pass to one’s beneficiaries by reducing taxes and other expenses. In this regard, most adults should have a will, an advance health care directive (or “living will”) and power of attorney.  In addition, depending on one’s circumstances, adults may also want to have some form of trust established (revocable or irrevocable; lifetime or testamentary).  Unfortunately, many individuals have inadequate documents or no documents at all.  

Our Firm represents individual clients in all aspects of their business and personal affairs, including:

‚Äč·         Estate Planning

  • Drafting Customized Estate Plans
  • Charitable and Financial Planning
  • Forming and Advising Private Foundations

·         Estate and Trust Administration

  • Advising Fiduciaries on Responsibilities
  • Assisting Fiduciaries in the Administration of Estates and Trusts

·         Fiduciary Litigation

  • Claims Against Fiduciaries
  • Will and Trust Contests
  • Guardianship Disputes
  • Charitable and Exempt Organization Controversies

·         Family Business Transition

·         Tax Planning and Litigation

·         Trusts and Estates Litigation and Dispute Resolution

·         Creation and Administration of Family Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Property Holding Vehicles

·         Creation of Private Foundations

In addition, we help our clients address a broad range of other personal matters, ranging from employment arrangements, investment structures and personal real estate transactions to the purchase and sale of art and other assets, personal financial matters and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

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