Intellectual Property

At Goldman & Schapiro, we assist businesses and investors in their efforts to protect and capitalize on their unique intellectual property ideas and assets.  We advise clients on strategies for protection of valuable property through trade secret, trademark and copyright procedures.  We further advise companies on the design and implementation of licenses, strategic alliances and joint ventures to develop and market intellectual property.

In this ever-changing economic landscape, being proactive rather than reactive is a business necessity, not an option.  Leveraging the economic value of your most important asset—intellectual property—can propel you ahead of the competition, fund your research and development, and help you get to market and capture market share faster.  

Our Firm fosters a culture with an emphasis on the importance of strategic, innovative and creative thinking.  We achieve our clients’ Intellectual Property objectives effectively and efficiently by combining an effective understanding of patent, copyright, trade secret, and trademark law with knowledge of our clients’ industries, including the relevant business and regulatory environments.  We use business law and other relevant legal experience to realize the full value of IP rights through licensing agreements, joint ventures, and other distribution programs.  Our Firm provides comprehensive assistance in acquiring, enforcing, defending, and monetizing intellectual property.

Our Firm’s IP Practice combines litigation experience with a robust procurement and asset management practice to devise strategies that help clients protect IP assets while maximizing their value.  Our Firm handles all aspects of intellectual property including litigation, patent and trademark procurement, counseling, asset management, monetization, and licensing.  Our Firm assists clients in developing intellectual property programs that are predicated on and indispensable to the realization of primary business objectives and that, at the same time, minimize the risk of litigation.

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