Litigation and Dispute Resolution

At Goldman & Schapiro, we provide efficient, result-oriented litigation and dispute resolution services in state and federal courts.  We can litigate a wide range of disputes involving personal injury, commercial and business contracts, construction and real estate matters, trade secrets, employment, trademarks and license agreements, and other business and personal matters.  We are also well-versed in the skills required to resolve matters prior to litigation through the use of mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution processes.  Our attorneys are also available as arbitrators and mediators to resolve private disputes between litigants. 

Our Firm can represent defendants and plaintiffs, small and midsize businesses, partnerships and individuals.  Clients may turn to us for trial representation across a broad range of litigation matters, including:

·         Personal Injury

·         Labor and Employment

·         Bankruptcy

·         Antitrust and Trade Regulation

·         Criminal and Regulatory Defense and Corporate Investigations

·         False Advertising and Trademark

·         Fiduciaries

·         Insurance Coverage

·         Intellectual Property, Including Copyright and Patents

·         Media, Sports and Entertainment

·         Privacy and Data Security

·         Professional Liability and Malpractice

·         Real Estate

·         Securities

We also maintain an active appellate practice that can both handle appeals and advise on trial issues.

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